Housekeeping Bridgend

Need a helping hand to maintain the cleanliness of your home? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone clean your bathroom/s, empty the bins, clean your kitchen, load up the dishwasher, giving the windows a clean, tidying your child’s playroom up? We help busy families and elderly residents with their general housekeeping and cleaning tasks. Our housekeeping services are just £10 per hour.

Advantages of using our housekeeping services:

  • Have a second pair of hands to maintain your house.
  • Take your mind off general housekeeping and cleaning tasks, relax with your family in the knowledge that your house is immaculate.
  • Forget about cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, putting your child’s toys away and putting the dishes away we can take these tasks off your back.

Wondering what a typical housekeeping customer may ask us to do?

Here’s an example of a busy mother living in Brynmenyn who asked Debbie’s Cleaning Services to help with her general housekeeping tasks in Bridgend. We help this client by cleaning her home, tidying up her children’s bookshelves and toys and also baby sitting her young children when needed. We have built up a good relationship with this client over the last few years and get asked to help with a variety of housekeeping tasks.

You may have thoughts running through your head of how our housekeeping services could help improve your busy life, get in touch and let us know your requirements.